Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Apple Cinnamon Flaxseed Oatmeal

My kids LOVE oatmeal! That makes me smile because it’s the perfect whole-grain breakfast food. Oatmeal is absorbed slowly allowing kids to sustain their energy throughout the morning. The problem, however, is many of the oatmeal products on the market today are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. BOO! There are many studies out that point to various synthetic additives (used for flavoring, appearance, texture and extended shelf life) lead to a host of behavioral problems, allergies and even illnesses. Many parents will see the clever yet deceptively labeled “WHOLE GRAIN” boxes without paying much attention to the other less-than-sufficient artificial ingredients.
About a year ago, I started messing around in hopes of creating my own wholesome oatmeal using simple back-to-basic ingredients. I hope you love it as much as we do at our house. It’s loaded with fiber, protein and brain-boosting omega 3!

Vanilla Apple Cinnamon Flaxseed Oatmeal
1 cup dry rolled oats or steel cut oats
2-3 tablespoons ground flaxseeds
1-2 tablespoon pure maple syrup

Pinch cinnamon
Pinch nutmeg

1 apple peeled/diced or one package of dried apples (optional)
Mix all the above ingredients together,
add ¾ cups of boiling water and enjoy!
Additional Optional Ingredients
Organic Soy Milk/Almond Milk 

Slivered Almonds
Helpful Hint
Feel free to add less of the flaxseed and more of the maple syrup to start. Kids are picky and I have found it’s best to warm their taste buds up! Also, allow them to add the additional ingredients themselves. I’ve found kids are more prone to eating foods they help prepare themselves.

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